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The goal of the Metro Detroit Green Building Resource Directory is to facilitate and promote the development and use of ecologically sustainable materials and practices in Metro Detroit's built environment.

This directory contains a database of green building information that is broken down into the following categories:

Professionals…who have experience in an array of green building technologies.

Materials…that are considered to be green and are manufactured and/or available in the Metro Detroit area.

Strategies…that can be used to "green" new construction or renovation projects.

Resources…which can be utilized to gain further information on green building materials and practices both on the web and in print form.

Local Case Studies…of projects developed in Southeastern Michigan that incorporate and maximize various green building technologies.

The Metro Detroit Green Building Resource Directory is maintained by WARM Training Center of Detroit with input from numerous local and national green building professionals. To learn more about WARM, click here.

If you are interesting in submitting information to be included in the directory click here or on the "Listing Request Form" section of the navigation bar.

Contact the Green Building Resource Directory Manager, resdir [at]

Neither WARM Training Center nor any organization affiliated with WARM Training Center has tested the products or strategies in this directory. Neither WARM nor any of its affiliates can guarantee that any of the listed materials, professionals, strategies, or resources are "green" or meet their green claims. This directory in no way represents a comprehensive listing of green materials and professionals in the Metro Detroit area.

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