dollar-signDo you know of any green house building grants?
- Lori, Detroit

There are a few green home building grants to be aware of, though some are targetted for specific users. Here are three general categories that I’m aware of right now:

1) Enterprise Foundation’s Green Communities program — this is the primary funding source for affordable housing developers who want to build green. Only applicable to nonprofit developers, but an excellent program. We’ve consulted with all the local groups that have pursued this grant.

2) Energy Star incentives — there are several incentives available for building Energy Star homes. These are really no brainers since the new energy code requires getting really close to Energy Star anyway. Here’s the current incentives that I’m aware of:
a) DTE has one, and will be rolling out a bunch more this summer ( This is a builder incentive and it’s $5,000 for a single home.
b) the State of Michigan’s Bureau of Energy Systems has a similar incentive ($5,000 for builders) and is the program that DTE based theirs on. Info at – see near the bottom of the page).
c) Bank of America takes $1,000 off the closing costs for Energy Star Homes.

3) Tax incentives — there are currently some great tax incentives for energy efficiency improvements including tax credits (dollar for dollar) for up to 30% of costs for geothermal of solar systems, and a builder incentive for $2,000 for meeting high energy efficiency standards. More info is available at

Some other discounts, etc. are available, but these are the biggest immediate sources.

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